Delicious Plant-Based Foods For Everyone

Ripple products start with the wholesome yellow split pea. We are proud to offer a range of delicious, plant-based foods for a variety of dietary needs, all based on this nutritional superstar. All Ripple products, including Ripple Milk, Ripple Half and Half, and Ripple Protein Shakes, are safe, nutritious, and delicious non-dairy options for people living with common food allergies. Of course, each individual and their health needs are unique, and anyone with allergies should consult a doctor before introducing any new food.

Ripple Allergen Protocol


Ripple Foods, like all other brands of our size, is not able to have our own dedicated manufacturing facilities. We rely on partners who can manufacture our products for us, and this means sharing facilities and production lines with other brands that make similar foods. That means our manufacturing plants do house some common allergens, and we share production lines with common allergens. We know this can be confusing, and you may be wondering,

"Are Ripple products safe for people with allergen concerns?' The answer is yes. We and our manufacturing partners adhere to the industry's best practices to prevent allergen cross-contact during the entire production process. This includes strict cleaning and sanitation controls of all food contact surfaces. We ensure that the Ripple products we produce are safe for families living with any of the “Big 9” food allergies.

Here are some facts about Ripple ingredients, facilities, and manufacturing practices so that you can have confidence in the safety of Ripple Foods' products.

Ripple Ingredients

To start, we seek only the best ingredient suppliers for Ripple products in order to ensure their standards are equal to ours: ALL ingredient suppliers provide allergen statements declaring their products do not contain any of the “Big 9” allergens. Ripple thoroughly investigates and works only with those suppliers whose safety practices meet our own very high standards.

Ripple Facilities

All of our Ripple partner facilities strictly adhere to food safety practices, including segregated ingredient storage, ingredient handling, equipment cleaning, and allergen testing that will ensure safety from allergens, from beginning to end. We currently work with a very small group of trusted partners, and our allergen program passes through careful verification and validation.

We test every run, every time

Our production lines are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before any Ripple product is allowed to run. The equipment is tested for cleanliness after every cleaning cycle. As an added measure, if any of the "Big 9" allergens are run on the lines before Ripple, the lines are tested for any trace of allergens before we begin production. We do not start batching and producing Ripple products until all test results come back negative.

Food allergies are serious, and we take them seriously. If you have any allergen related concerns, or if you’d like to get more information on any of our products, we’re happy to help.
Email us at or phone us at 1-888-206-1664. We’d love to hear from you.