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Ripple Protein Shakes

Protein shakes with milkshake vibes for the whole fam. No grit. No chalk. No sickly sweetness. Just 13-20g of protein and dessert vibes, liquified.

Ripple Plant-Based Milks

The protein lovers' plant-based milk powered by peas. 8g of satisfying protein.
Lip-lickingly delicious taste. Superior nutrition. Finally, one milk that checks all the boxes.

Ripple Kids Milk

The first and only plant-based milk made just for kids with 8g of protein, DHA, choline and prebiotic fiber. It's nutritous. It's pea-licious. And it's made without the top 9 allergens.

Ripple Dairy-Free Half & Half

The plant-based half & half that’s oh so creamy. It's coffee's best friend. It's the dairy-free cooks' secret ingredient. It's the obsession starter that's everything-and-a-half.