Protein with a Capital PEA

Ripple harnesses the protein power of the yellow pea to create smooth, creamy milks & shakes that make waves with sustainable, plant-based nutrition. So really, the PEA stands for lots of things. Purely delicious. Perfectly nutritious. Planet-friendly.
We can keep going… 

Protein Shakes

The Shake That Hits Like A Splurge

20g of plant-based protein in three luscious flavors. No grit. No chalk. No sickly sweetness. Just dessert vibes liquified.

Shelf-Stable Milk

Smooth. Creamy. Delivered.

We put the PEA in pantry greatness with three satisfying shelf-stable milks featuring up to 8g of silky, sustainable pea protein.

On-The-Go Milk

Oh. My. [Dairy-free] Goodness. 

8g of pea-powered protein, ready to go, wherever you go. Three irresistible flavors and infinite possibilities.

Refrigerated Milks

Simplify your Fridge

Smooth & creamy goodness. Superior nutrition. 8g protein with a capital PEA. With seven delicious flavors, you’ve finally found the plant-based milk that does it all...except maybe clean your fridge.

A Real-Time Ripple Effect

Never heard of the humble yellow pea? Yep, it's an unsung hero. It is one of the more sustainable, protein-dense plants on Earth. And it takes 6x less water to grow than almonds for almond milk. When you choose Ripple, you help make positive waves in our world, and here’s the proof (with a capital PEA, of course).

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